By Nina Regalado • November 6, 2019

The World of Publishing

New York City has been kind to me. It has been thrilling, exhausting, and beautiful all at the same. After my month of waiting to work, I landed FOUR great internships with some great people. I work mostly one on one with agents, freelancers and publishers, each person a great friend of John Reed’s. I never expected to be immersed into this world as I have been. I have been running around for so long that I forgot to watch as my life passed me by. I finally have sat down to get some rest and reflect on what has been happening.

Each job is similar and yet different at the same time. Working with Sarah Russo, I help her with boosting her own business and organizing her website for success. After working in this publishing world for a long time, she decided to work on her own time and terms, having connections with so many people in this industry, she continues to thrive on her own. Watching and helping her business grow is rewarding and inspiring because she works hard every single day to get her programs online. We work together at The Wing, a workplace for women, which is an AMAZING place to be.

Working with David Rodgers is also exceedingly rewarding. David Rodgers works for AMC as a book scout, so each week I am reading a new manuscript that could possibly be turned into a TV show, and watching him pitch it to the company. It is eye opening to watch the way people communicate and work together in these communities and companies. Everything moves a lot faster than you would think, but also a lot slower too. For example, a book is served to book scouts sometimes by the authors agents before it is even published. This gets the ball rolling on the novel to be turned into a show or movie. It takes a while to film the said novel so getting started early is ideal.

Natalie Kimber works for The Rights Factory that is based out of Canada. Natalie is one of the few people based in New York City and is constantly working on getting people published as well as working on the website for the rights factory. Recently she held a reading, where I was honored to do my very first reading. Natalie is a gem in the darkness and I enjoy every moment we work together.

Lastly, James Sherry, with Roof Books. He is involved with publishing poetry, which I will admit is difficult for me. I do not write poetry, I have tried, but never found my heart in it. I do find poetry interesting and hard to do. Working with his abstract pieces of poetry is challenging and really pushes me to explore different pieces of art.

I’d like to say I put my foot in the door of this world I have wanted to be apart so badly all my life. I have made so many connections here in NYC, working with the people I have worked with. Each person has been kind, patient and willing to teach me anything I needed to know or wanted to know about the world I am going to be immersed into. I think I am lucky in that sense, having personable relationships with each of my supervisors, watching them learning from them and not just in a business sense. I’ve learned from them in more personable ways, each giving me advice in life and in work. I can thank John Reed my advisor and of course the New York Arts program for these amazing opportunities. They have kept their word on finding good places for their students to work.

Written by Nina Regalado