Sarah Beard By Sarah Beard • April 29, 2019

The Sun Sets on Spring at New York Arts


The Sun Sets on Spring at New York Arts 2

I’ve been sitting with a blank word doc for over an hour now, wondering what there is to say that hasn’t already been said a hundred times. It’s mind-boggling how quickly these last few months have gone by, and so hard to believe that our time here is already coming to a close.

On this final day of the New York Arts Program, I find myself very melancholic despite the fact that I personally won’t be flying back to Texas until May 6th. Still, there’s a finality in knowing that the program is officially ending, and as much as I’m looking forward to what lies ahead, it’s never easy to say goodbye to such a formative experience. Even harder is saying goodbye to all of the incredible and talented people I’ve met in the program. I know they’re all going to do amazing things and continue making amazing art, and I’m sure that this program has been as vital a stepping stone toward their continued success (whatever that may look like) as it has been for me.

I’m truly at a loss for words. It seems like just yesterday I was getting dressed in my most professional wardrobe to nervously attend interviews for potential internships, but in fact yesterday was the day that I said my heartfelt goodbyes to one of those internships at Roulette Intermedium. I still have the Greenpoint Film Festival to look forward to, which I very much am, but it’s a bittersweet excitement knowing that it will be the last hurrah of this whole crazy, hectic, phenomenal experience.

I know this isn’t really the end. After I graduate in two weeks, I certainly still have every intention of moving right back to New York City and maintaining my connection with this wonderful program for years to come. And thanks to the power of the Internet and social media, good-byes are only ever see-you-laters. It’s really a brand-new beginning in disguise, you just have to squint a little to see past it.

So, with a heavy heart and a fondness for themes, I’ll close out this chapter of the blog in the same Mary Poppins spirit as I opened it with:

The past is the past,

It lives on as history,

And that's an important thing.

The future comes fast,

Each second a mystery,

For nobody knows what

Tomorrow may bring.

...and there’s nowhere to go but up!

(And thanks for reading along with me, it’s been real swell!)

Written by: Sarah Beard