Sarah Beard By Sarah Beard • March 19, 2019

Student Spotlight: Mars Wilson

This week in the spotlight is actor, director, and playwright Mars Wilson! On Sunday, Mars showcased staged readings of two of his plays, “Punching Ace” and “Miles to Go”, at the WOW Café Theater. The plays are inspired by his experiences as a trans man, as well as dealing with mental health and dysphoria. We’re very excited to see where this bright young artist takes his work next!

Student Spotlight_ Mars Wilson 2

I had Mars answer a few questions about himself and his experience with the New York Arts program so far.

What school are you from?
Kalamazoo College

What's your major/minor?
Theatre Arts Major and a concentration in Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Where are you interning at? What do you do there?
WOW Cafe Theater and I do a little bit of everything from running lights or sound for a show to cleaning bathrooms to taking notes for meetings. I have spent a lot of time helping to reorganize the space and the finances.

What brought you to the New York Arts program?
Kalamazoo College has close ties with NYAP and I have friends that have participated in the past for theatre and they really enjoyed it. I really wanted to get off campus but I wanted to be somewhere that I could concentrate on my craft.

How are you liking the city?
I really do like the city! I love how there is so much going on all the time. However, I have found that it is extremely easy to get isolated even though there are millions of people around. Everyone is so busy with their own lives that it gets hard to reach out.

Any favorite places to go or things to do here?
I have been spending a lot of time in the East Village with my internship so I have been able to find a lot of really cool places to eat. I’ve also really liked the Christopher Street area.

What's the most memorable thing you've done or that's happened to you in the city so far?
With my internship, I have been able to connect to other trans artists, which are connections that I know I will keep for the future.

Do you have any advice to offer future NYAP students?
Don’t be afraid to be on your own but also don’t be afraid to reach out.

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Interviewed by: Sarah Beard