Sarah Beard By Sarah Beard • April 12, 2019

Student Spotlight: Christine Gutierrez

It’s time yet again to shed some light on one of our talented students! This week, the spotlight goes to Christine Gutierrez, a visual artist with a passion for comic books. Last night, she showcased some of her work for her original comic The Magician’s Inventor at the Spring 2019 Student Art Show & Reception. She’s a wonderfully talented artist with a great vision of what she wants to do for the comics industry, and her friends at the New York Arts Program are behind her all the way! (Also, she and I are the only students here this semester from Southwestern. Shout-out to SU!)

Student Spotlight_ Christine Gutierrez

What school are you from?
Southwestern University.

What's your major/minor?
Studio art, focusing on drawing and painting

Where are you interning at? What do you do there?
I intern with Chris Doyle and Chitra Ganesh. For Chris Doyle, I animate small animations part of a larger project. For Chitra I help with her daily projects, which vary from day to day. They’re both pretty different, which is part of the fun!

What brought you to the New York Arts program?
I actually went to Southwestern with the intention of participating in the NY Arts Program after hearing so many success stories. I want to work in comics and illustration, and coming to New York is a major stepping stone to achieve that goal!

How are you liking the city?
While I miss the sunsets, lack of stink and general proximity to green nature back in Texas, I absolutely love NYC for the opportunities it has to offer! I have met so many interesting people here and I have learned so many things about the field I want to pursue.

Any favorite places to go or things to do here?
I’m a sucker for the Max Brenner chocolate bar. They’ve got the most fantastic hot chocolate. Also, you can find me in midtown comics twice per week.

What's the most memorable thing you've done or that's happened to you in the city so far?
One week I went to a con where I met some amazing people that I’m actually going to be working with in the future on a comics-project!

Do you have any advice to offer future NYAP students?
Take advantage of every opportunity! You won’t sleep, but you’ll be glad you did it! New York is one of the best places to chase your dreams.

Interview by: Sarah Beard