Sarah Beard By Sarah Beard • April 24, 2019

Student Spotlight: Bobby McCarthy

It’s spotlight time, again! This week, Bobby McCarthy is here to talk about his experiences as part of the Performing Arts program here at New York Arts. Bobby is an energetic actor and playwright who likes to throw himself into every aspect of a performance. At the Spring Student Showcase & Reception, he showcased a performance of his play Letters From, an absurdist comedy about love, toxic masculinity, and tragically vengeful puppets. Keep an eye out for this actor-writer’s big ideas and even bigger performances!

Student Spotlight_ Bobby McCarthy 1

What school are you from?
I'm from McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas.

What's your major/minor?
I am a theatre major, with an emphasis in acting. Also, I'm minoring in philosophy!

Where are you interning at? What do you do there?
I'm interning for The New Group, an off-Broadway theatre company. I'm a production assistant for them, which is a fancy way of saying that I'm an extra hand on deck for the stage management team, helping to manage props, being on-book for the actors, and just generally helping the rehearsal process run smoothly! 

What brought you to the New York Arts program?
I got a message from a recruiter on Acceptd. When I checked them out and saw what theaters they were connected with, I called and the rest is history!

How are you liking the city?
I'm loving it! Every day brings something new. Being naturally introverted, I've found that the abundance of people is never overwhelming, and yet at the same time there's always a chance to break out of your shell and talk to someone new, should you ever want to!

Any favorite places to go or things to do here?
I have a few hangout spots -- namely, Club Cumming and Barcade. I also love scouring the town for bookstores, as well as comic book and tabletop gaming shops! Additionally, I always love exploring central park and various other parks and cemeteries. They're great places to unplug and be alone with your thoughts!

What's the most memorable thing you've done or that's happened to you in the city so far?
Trying stand-up comedy for the very first time at Club Cumming! The cast and crew of the show I was working (Daddy, by Jeremy O Harris) met up there, and everyone was so supportive!

Do you have any advice to offer future NYAP students?
The only wrong actions are the ones you don't take! Everything that happens both here and anywhere else is a potential opportunity, whether it be for friendship, the development of your career, or personal growth.

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Interview by: Sarah Beard