Sarah Beard By Sarah Beard • March 27, 2019

Student Spotlight: Alysia Homminga

This week’s spotlight falls on Alysia Homminga! Aly is an actress, director, and playwright, and she recently showcased a reading of her play Dead Woman Walking at the Lee Strasberg Institute. (Also, she’s been my roommate for the program! Yaaay!)

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Along with the rest of the Kalamazoo students, Aly will be leaving New York soon (Booo!!!), but she’s kindly offered to answer a few questions before she goes.

What school are you from?
Kalamazoo College!

What's your major/minor?
I’m a double major in Theatre Arts and Religion.

Where are you interning at? What do you do there?
I’m interning at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, where I am taking acting classes and doing administrative and producing work with them.

What brought you to the New York Arts program?
I actually know people who have gone through the program before, and they talked very highly about it and said that it was a very transformative experience. It really helped them get into the professional world, so I decided that I wanted to do it in order to give myself educational and career opportunities!

How are you liking the city?
I’m really enjoying the city! I love it here. The only thing I miss is the nature that Michigan has to offer, but I think that the city as a whole offers so many more opportunities to see and participate in theatre than any other place I’ve lived, so I like the environment in that way.

Any favorite places to go or things to do here?
Yeah, I really like the Strand Book Store on 13th street. It’s right near the Strasberg Institute, and they have some good deals on books! I have also enjoyed going to improv, and my favorite place right now is the PIT (Peoples Improv Theater) where I’ve taken classes and seen shows.

What's the most memorable thing you've done or that's happened to you in the city so far?
Having the chance to stagedoor at shows and getting to meet some of my favorite actors. My most memorable stagedoor experiences were seeing Daniel Radcliffe after Lifespan of a Fact, as well as Kelli O’Hare and Corbin Bleu at Kiss Me, Kate.

Do you have any advice to offer future NYAP students?
Really take advantage of all the cool opportunities that you get. One of the cool ways that I found out about a lot of the free and cheap shows that I went to was signing up for The Skint, which is an email newsletter that comes out every day telling you about special events around town that are pretty cheap. I found out about a lot of shows and food vendors that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else!

Written by: Sarah Beard