Betty Ton By Betty Ton • November 9, 2018

Student Feature: Lydia Gregovic

This week’s student feature is an English major from Sugarland, Texas. Lydia is a junior at Southwestern University. Give it up for this book-lover!

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College/University? Southwestern University

Major/Minor? English

Where are you currently interning? Inkwell Literary Management and OR Books

What inspired you to come to the New York Arts Program? A family friend encouraged me to look into publishing after I interned at the independent bookstore where she worked. Because the majority of publishing houses and literary agencies are in New York, I doubted whether or not I’ve have the opportunity to go into the field (my home college is in Texas). After hearing about the NYAP through a classmate who had completed it the previous semester, I basically sat myself and told myself that if I ever wanted to be serious about writing/publishing as a career, than this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I think I scheduled a meeting with my advisor the next day.

Favorite Part of living in New York? The ability to be a part of a community. I think regardless of which area of the arts you’re in, it’s such an amazing feeling being able to meet and work with other people who are passionate about the same things you are.

Least favorite part of living in New York? How comfortable I’ve gotten with the constant smell of urine.

Favorite borough? Borough: Manhattan. Neighborhood: West Village/Greenwich Village area!

Favorite go-to food place in New York? The Grey Dog in Chelsea is my go-to brunch spot when I have people visiting. Other than that...Artichoke Pizza has never let me down.

Any tips on saving money? Just buy the unlimited metro pass.

Have you seen any celebs yet? None :(

Advice for our future NYAP interns? Do your own internship research prior to meeting with your NYAP advisor! You don’t have to know specific companies (also that’s also great) but at least having an idea of what area you want to be in/what kind of company you want to work for will help ensure you get placed in an internship that you care about.

Interview by: Betty Ton