By Alexis Graffice • November 19, 2018

November Playlist

A combination of upbeat, atmospheric music with electronic sounds and vibes. These songs are perfect for walking to work or riding the subway - I love these songs in particular because they either make me feel powerful and focused walking through all of the people on the sidewalks, or calm and reflective looking at the beauty that the city is.

For some reason I heavily relate these songs to the fall, and therefore they are my go to songs to listen to during this time of year. Every season I make a playlist on Spotify and add the music I am currently listening to or discovering, that way I can look back and listen and be reminded of that specific time of year and the memories associated with it. I hope you enjoy! There’s way more on my Spotify Fall 2018 playlist if so ;)

  1. Milk” by NASAYA, Myra
  2. Polarised” by Cosmo’s Midnight
  3. Dam Girl” by Frills
  4. Portland” by Pink Skies
  5. Damn, Gravity” by JABS
  6. Stretching” by Sports Coach
  7. Drive Away” by The Brummies
  8. Body” by HIGH HOOPS
  9. The Love You’re Given” by Jack Garratt
  10. Life Round Here” by James Blake
  11. Dear To Me” by Electric Guest
  12. Coolhand” by Buzzy Lee
  13. This Crazy” by Tanners


Written by: Alexis Graffice