Nina Regalado

50 Years in NYC

By Nina Regalado • December 12, 2019

The New York Arts Program has been around for 50 years now. Unbelievable right? And the only one of its kind as far as we know. The weekend of November 16th, the New York Arts Program was celebrated 50 years. Alums, sponsors, advisors, and students all attended at the Children's Museum of Art, with food, drinks and boisterous music of different kinds.

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The World of Publishing

By Nina Regalado • November 6, 2019

I never expected to be immersed into this world as I have been. I have been running around for so long that I forgot to watch as my life passed me by. I finally have sat down to get some rest and reflect on what has been happening.

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Catherine Lane is a senior from Hope College, Michigan, pursuing fashion here at the New York Arts Program. She has worked with Establishment Casting where she was able to work on the Marc Jacobs show during Fall Fashion Week.

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Nina Regalado describes her experience of NYC after her first month at the NY Arts Program. Coming from a small town in Texas, Nina gives advice to future students.

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