By Francesca Moya • April 16, 2018

Student Feature: Spencer Pauley

This week’s student feature is a junior from Oberlin, Ohio. Give it up for Spencer Pauley! Let’s learn more about this “man of mystery”:


Ohio Wesleyan University


Journalism Major and History Minor

Where are you currently interning?

Jigsaw Productions

What inspired you to come to the New York Arts Program?

After talking to my journalism professor about internships, he recommended that I do the New York Arts Program. I said Okay. Now, here I am.

Favorite Part of living in New York?

It’s just so cool to be around such beautiful architecture and so many successful people.

Least favorite part of living in New York?

Spending so much money!

Favorite burough?


Favorite go-to food place in New York?

Hmm, I usually go to Central Park or Houndstooth Pub.

Any tips on saving money?

Treat yourself bi-weekly on weekends! Sometimes you just have to sacrifice a weekend to have a really good weekend next weekend!

Have you seen any celebs yet?

Yes, I have! I have seen Bill Nye, Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, Stephen Colbert, and I nodded to Jon Batiste.

Advice for our future NYAP interns?

Make the most out of your time here! Time flies so don’t waste it.


Written by: Francesca Moya