By Francesca Moya • April 9, 2018

Blast from the Past: Hello from NYAP alumni

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and hear from a couple of NYAP alumni about their experiences in the big apple!

“New York Arts was a defining time within my academic career - I really can’t imagine my college experience without it. The opportunity to explore different industries, shadow and learn from professionals was extremely valuable. I spent two semesters with the program and my favorite part each time was the people - I left Manhattan with life long friends and a community of artists. The highlight of so many days was just literally listening to others experiences at their internships and goals. From mastering the subway to living off 99 cent pizza, exploring Manhattan together for the first was something I’ll never forget.”

- Kate Whalley, Fall 2016 & Spring 2017, DePauw University


“I absolutely loved my time at NYAP. Living in the city and interning at the International Studio and Curatorial Program opened my eyes to the professional opportunities in the art field. I left the program with great friendships, a love for the city, and a better understanding of how I can pursue a career in the arts.”

-Helena Enders, Fall 2016, College of Wooster


“My time at NYAP was some of my best in college. I valued the opportunity to work and live in NYC, learning how to conduct myself in a variety of situations, and ultimately growing a tremendous amount. My favorite part about NYAP was the location, where I could get anywhere in the city on foot. NYC holds a special place for me, as do the companies I had the chance to work for”

-Katie Tipsword, Fall 2016, DePauw University


"The main reason I did NYAP was for professional opportunities, but (as cheesy as it is) the best part of NYAP were the people I met through the program. I think it was that we (a group of midwestern artists and writers) got to have this experience of discovery together. I loved exploring the city (and myself) and getting to do it with a group of really smart, interesting people who were seeing the city through so many different perspectives."

-Natali Cavanagh, Fall 2017, Ball State University


Written by Francesca Moya