By Francesca Moya • March 30, 2018

Student Feature: Arya Rana


This week’s student feature is a junior from Kathmandu, Nepal. Let's give it up for Arya Rana! Read below to find out more about this fun world traveler:


Earlham College


Art with a focus on photography; Human Development and Social Relations

Where are you currently interning?

Elizabeth Dee Gallery, EV Day’s Studio

What inspired you to come to the New York Arts Program?

The legendary myth that it is “ the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do”

Favorite Part of living in New York?

The reality lives up to the myth, if try hard enough there is indeed nothing you can't do

Least favorite part of living in New York?

The never ending noise pollution in Manhattan

Favorite burough?


Favorite go-to food place in New York?

The food trucks!

Any tips on saving money?

Can't preach what I don't practice, but ALWAYS pregame

Have you seen any celebs yet?

Myself in the mirror every morning ayee ( just kidding,surprisingly none )

Advice for our future NYAP interns?

Often remind yourself that New York can turn out to be competitive and intense in nature, but do not beat yourself out too much. Work hard and play equally as hard!

Written by: Francesca Moya