By Francesca Moya • March 16, 2018

Student Feature: Taylor Anhalt

This week’s Student Feature is a junior from Oswego, IL. Shout out to Taylor Anhalt! Lets learn a little bit more about this coffee and Supernatural enthusiast:


Albion College


English and Creative Writing Major

Where are you currently interning?

I am an intern at National Book Critic Circle, Literary Death Match, and Solid Objects!

What inspired you to come to the New York Arts Program?

I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the Writing and Publishing Industry - which I also knew that New York is a huge hub for that field. Before I head down that path, I wanted to explore the details of what goes on in a Publishing agency and be exposed to the industry.

Favorite Part of living in New York?

I love that there are coffee shops on each block and that I can run by the Hudson River!

Least favorite part of living in New York?

My least favorite part about living in New York is that there are too many people - and some of them do not know how to walk!

Favorite burough?

Manhattan and Brooklyn (where it is nice and quiet)  

Favorite go-to food place in New York?

It isn’t necessarily a food place - but I LOVE going to Perpetuum Cafe.Their caramel latte is the BEST.

Any tips on saving money?

Definitely try to create a budget list - even though I know that it's hard to stay on the budget. AND go to Trader Joes for grocery!

Have you seen any celebs yet?

Yes! I was able to get stand-by tickets to Saturday Night Live where Will Ferrell was the host and I worked at an event and saw National Book Critic Circle Award Winning Authors!

Advice for our future NYAP interns?

The city might be a little overwhelming but you will get used to it really quick. You’ll learn to realize that its actually quite simple to get around and figure your way around NYC.

Written By: Francesca Moya