By Francesca Moya • March 9, 2018

Student Feature: Jay Young

Our very first student feature of the semester is a junior from Chicago, IL. Give it up for JayLashay Young! Let’s learn a little more about this Chris Brown loving, dancer, and New Yorker at heart:


Kalamazoo College


Business Major and Theater Arts minor

Where are you currently interning?

I am a Marketing & Front of House Intern at New York Lives Arts.

What inspired you to come to the New York Arts Program?

Being able to combine my passion for dance and interest in business is what inspired me to do the New York Arts Program. I wanted to be able to learn from experienced dancers and enhance my skills. Having the opportunity to gain insight on arts programs and non profit organizations in New York is also a huge plus!

Favorite Part of living in New York?

My favorite part of living in New York is dancing at the Broadway Dance Center! I LOVE interacting and learning from the choreographer!  

Least favorite part of living in New York?


Favorite burough?

My favorite borough is Harlem.

Favorite go-to food place in New York?

I don’t have a specific place, but I love Thai food here. UP Thai has a really good lunch deal! $10 for an entree and appetizer. Totally recommend!

Any tips on saving money?

Don’t eat out too much and go to Trader Joes for groceries!

Have you seen any celebs yet?

I went to see the Daily Show with Trevor Noah LIVE. I got to have a small elevator conversation with Bill T Jones, American dancer and founder of New York Live Arts

Advice for our future NYAP interns?

Definitely do some research before or early on in the program about places you want to go to that relates to your interest. The semester goes by really fast! Also - take advantage of all of the different types of performances within the Arts!