By Francesca Moya • March 1, 2018

Creative Capital Workshop

This past Saturday, the New York Arts Program interns had the pleasure of learning from Colleen Keegan, a Strategic Planning Team Leader with Creative Capital Professional Development Program.

Let’s hear from a few interns about what their favorite part was:

“In the Creative Capital workshop, discussing the importance of negotiating a starting salary for a job proved the most impactful for me. I don’t think I had a conversation about this particular part of one’s career before, and acting out a situation in which we practiced meeting to negotiate a salary, getting suggestions on what to say and how to phrase our requests, was very helpful.” Kayla Park

“The concept of strategic planning as taught by Creative Capital is essential as it helped me gain defined perspectives on my “life plan” and maintained my optimism in what seems like a scary competitive market.” Arya Rana

“I liked learning about how to brand and introduce yourself in a professional setting.” Taylor Anhalt

“The communication exercise was very helpful and it was interesting to learn about navigating your way through networking situations.” Uyen Pham

Thank you Creative Capital!

Written by: Francesca Moya