By Madison Buechler • December 12, 2017

Student Feature: Alanna Henderson

Q: Where are you from?

A: Toledo, Ohio

Q: Where do you go to school?

A: Ohio Wesleyan University

Q: What is your internship?

A:  Break Thru Films & Roadside Entertainment

Q: Why this internship?

A: Being a journalism major and taking a film class, I grew more interested in the production and the filmmaking industry. There aren’t many film classes available at my school so this was  something new for me to try and I couldn’t be happier with these internships!

Q: Does this tie in with your major/what you want to do in life?

A: Kind of! My major is journalism but working on documentaries still allows me to share peoples stories but also get more creative with it in a visual way instead of words on paper.

Q: Why NYAP/How did you hear about the program?

A: I came to NYC for the first time in high school and I fell in love! But the NYAP is an extension of OWU so I’d hear about it on campus a lot.

Q: Where is your “hot spot” in the city so far?

A: Honestly, the $1 pizza place down the street. It’s been there for me when I have no money for a full course or just when I need a late night snack.

Q: What has been your best experience so far?

A: Witnessing the city become dressed up for the holidays!

Q: Worst? 

A: Any time I swipe my debit card – this place is hella expensive.  

Q: Subway or walking?

A: Depends on the weather and distance!

Q: Have you been to any events around the city?

A: I’ve been to a couple different Broadway Shows, won tickets to TV show tapings, a concert at Madison Square Garden, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Rockefeller Tree Lighting Ceremony, the list goes on and on!!

Q: Any tips on how to save money while living here?

A: Go grocery shopping to buy food for lunch and treat yourself to dinner.

Q: Favorite part of NY? Park? Midtown? Queens? Brooklyn? Etc.

A: Grenwich Village because of the cafes, bars, cobblestone streets and vintage clothing stores. It’s also a lot quieter and the people are way friendlier than in Midtown.

Q: Is there something you are looking forward to doing?

A: Coming back!! With the little time I have left, I’m looking forward to just taking it all in one last time and maybe trying to find a job here.

Q: Have you found any hidden spots in NY that you want to share?

A: Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee – I wouldn’t say it’s hidden but it’s my favorite bagel place!

Q: Seen any celebs yet?

A: I saw Andi Dorfman from the Bachelor/Bachelorette <3 And one day Chace Crawford was filming a movie in the building I work at – I didn’t see him but someone in my office was in the same elevator as him.

Written by: Madison Buechler

Interview with: Alanna Henderson

Photos by: Alanna Henderson