By Madison Buechler • November 28, 2017

Navigating Times Square Like A Native New Yorker

Times Square is a fantastic place full of life, excitement, and tourists. Don't get me wrong, native New Yorkers go here all the time (I myself walk through there a few days a week after work, because it is brightly lit and full of people), but for the most part Times Square is full of unsuspecting tourists diving into an overwhelming area surrounded by some people who might like to take advantage of their unawareness. I am here to help you learn how to not be one of those unsuspecting tourists, so as to not be treated/targeted like one, while still being able to enjoy Times Square.

  • Though I wholeheartedly encourage people creating music and spreading the word about their talents I do want to warn you about people passing out their mix CDs. They will always approach you in a very nice and inviting way, telling you a little about themselves and their music and maybe even stepping in front of you while saying "Free CD." You may feel pressured to just say "Ok sure I'll take it" but fair warning, the CDs are never free, they will strongly encourage a tip for their work. Also, be wary of virus's being planted on the CDs that could affect your computer if you were to insert the disk.
  • Watch your pockets. Avoid carrying valuables / money in back pockets
  • Character Valley (as I like to call it) is the area where dozens of people dress in costumes as Disney characters, superheroes, etc. They might seem nice at first, but if you take pictures with them be prepared to pay up or get yelled at by them.
  • If you are wanting to get through there quickly - walk fast, watch where you're going, and zigzag
  • This applies to most things, but especially for people with flyers - avoid eye contact or look uninterested or busy and they won't shove papers in your hands.
  • Look out for ticket scammers. I know from personal experience and comparing prices online that they are always giving you a higher price than what you would pay if you went to an actual box office or home base where they sell their tickets.


Written By: Madison Buechler

Photos By: Madison Buechler & Anna O'Donnell