By Natali Cavanagh • November 21, 2017

Student Feature: Jesse Lauramore

This Tuesday's student feature is Jesse Lauramore from Warren Wilson college!

Q: Where are you from?
A: I'm from Fort Myers, FL
Q: Where do you go to school?
A: Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC
Q: What is your internship?
A: DAW Books and Vida Literary.
Q: Why this internship?
A: I've been writing since I was eight years old, and as I grew older I became more interested in the different aspects of the creative writing field, like publishing. Books have always been a huge part of my life, and so I really wanted to get more experience and knowledge on what goes on behind the scenes, and learn as much as possible. I'm interning at Vida Literary as part of a service component that's required in the curriculum at my school, and it's the kind of work/activism I'm really passionate about and want to keep doing as well, and it's all been a wonderful experience.
Q: Does this tie in with your major/what you want to do in life?
A: I would say yes, because I know I want to work in this industry, but I'm still exploring where I might fit in, and what opportunities are open to me. Ultimately, I'm spending this time learning as much as I can, and I'm finding the experience very rewarding.
Q: Why NYAP/How did you hear about the program?
A: I've always wanted to study abroad, but I was nervous about going out of the country for a whole semester, and I wanted something that was going to be focused on writing/my major. My school offers the program as a semester study abroad and when I heard about it, I knew it was exactly what I needed.
Q: Where is your “hot spot” in the city so far?
A: I really adore Union Square, both during the day and at night. The market they have during the day is great but to be honest, the fact that both Barnes & Noble and The Strand are practically right next to each other may have something to do with that. (Barnes & Noble at Union Square has four stories! How can I not live there?)
Q: What has been your best experience so far?
A: Definitely getting to go to Comic Con, which has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. That's an experience that will stay with me, as it was amazing. Also getting to see Hamilton on Broadway was a dream come true, as I've been obsessed with Hamilton for a while.
Q: Worst?
A: Probably the near panic I would feel when I was first learning to get around. This is my first real experience in a big city, and the prospect of getting lost terrified me the first few weeks as I learned to navigate the subway and the streets, and it was also very jarring. I got the hang of it eventually and now it doesn't bother me nearly as much.
Q: Subway or walking?
A: Usually subway, but if there's something interesting along the way or some great sight-seeing, I'll walk.
Q: Best events you’ve been to around the city?
A: Again, I have to mention Comic Con, but I've also enjoyed literary events, and the Brooklyn Book Festival was wonderful.
Q: Any tips on how to save money while living here?
A: Oh boy, that is definitely something I've been struggling with myself! My best tips would be to budget, go to Trader Joes when you can, and use happy hours/special deals for everything else when possible. But, if it's feasible, do something fun, and try not to worry too much.
Q: Favorite part of NY? Park? Midtown? Queens? Brooklyn? Etc.
A: Hmm, I don't know if I have a specific favorite part of NY, although I find I am more inclined to places that have a nature-esque quality to them. If I had to choose, probably Brooklyn.
Q: Is there something you are looking forward to doing?
A: I have a few items left on my bucket list for New York that I would like to accomplish before going back to school, but I also feel that I've seen much of what I wanted to, and now I'm just more open to what pops up that day.
Q: Have you found any hidden spots in NY that you wanna share?
A: In North Central Park, there are some quiet trails, and they're pretty secluded and peaceful. I'm used to living in the mountains or near the ocean, so nature is definitely something I've missed, and I like to go there to recharge when hectic city life gets a bit much.
Q: Seen any celebs yet?
A: I swear at one point I saw Viola Davis! I know it probably wasn't, but you never know, it could have been.
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