By Madison Buechler • October 31, 2017

Faculty Presentation: Jake Leckie

On Monday, October 30th, NYAP faculty advisor Jake Leckie screened the movie, SnowyBing Bongs, which he scored the music for as his faculty presentation for the students in the program. The screening was then followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers Alex Fischer and Rachel Wolther.

The experimental comedy lasted roughly 40 minutes and was met with plenty of laughter and applause from the students viewing it. The filmmakers then came out and explained the process of making the film and their plans for the future. The film actually stars a popular comedy dance group that the two saw years ago in New York and they immediately knew that they had to adapt it into a movie. It was each of their first times co-creating a movie and they explained their initial hesitance, how that played out on set and how it actually ended up making the movie better than it probably would have been just by themselves.

The movie has premiered at a few festivals around the country and even in a select few places outside of the country. Their plans with the film as of right now is to just get as many people as possible to see it.

After questioning the filmmakers some more Jake went on to present the way in which he scored the music for the film. The process was truly amazing to watch, because it takes so much time and so many details to create the perfect piece to use in the final edits of the film.

The students were really involved in the discussion with the filmmakers and when I asked one of the students, Hannah Schneider, about her thoughts on the presentation she said "The best thing about innovative, creative projects is the people that make them."

Written by: Madison Buechler

Photos by: Madison Buechler