By Natali Cavanagh • October 27, 2017

Faculty Presentation: Emilie Clark

This past Wednesday the NYAP visual arts faculty advisor, Emilie Clark, had a presentation for the students where she moderated a panel of 7 NYAP alum artists. Emilie is an artist who works in drawing, painting, installation and writing. She also advises the group of students who are in the NYAP that are interning with or studying visual arts.

At this presentation the alum artists, who now live in the city, spoke of their work, their experiences, their creative practices, and their goals moving forward.

I spoke with two of the students, Natali Cavanagh and Maja Olsson, who attended the event about their experience and what they took away from the presentation.


Q & A with Natali and Maja

Q: Is Emilie your advisor? Are you a visual arts student?

Natalie & Maja: No and no.

Q: Because you both are not visual arts students, was it still helpful for you to hear from the artists, and could you put anything they said towards what your internship is or towards your life in the future? Any advice?

Natali: Oh yea. It's like the specifics of what they were talking about obviously for me, I want to be in publishing, so it didn't really specifically apply to me like "how do I get studio space?" but just in general. Like when they were talking about how do you bring your passion for art into reality? And the fact that you can do it and it's going to happen in ways you don't expect, but that if you want it enough and you're willing to be flexible and you're willing to pay your dues, it will happen. You can make a sustainable life in the arts.

Maja: What I thought was interesting was that they said you can be doing things without realizing. So you could be building to an art piece or a new way of thinking over the course of years and it won't be until you're at the end and you look back and read old journals that you realize the path you started, so I thought that was really interesting. It's like who knows how my experience here has been a continuation of what I've been doing years ago and how it will affect me years from now.

Q: Overall, how was the event?

Natali: It was awesome! It was really nice being able to meet alums.

Written by: Madison Buechler

Photos by: Natali Cavanagh