By Madison Buechler • October 3, 2017

How To See Celebrities In New York For Free

Have you ever wondered how people get tickets to late night shows such as Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, or Stephen Colbert? Or how about morning/day shows like The View, Live with Kelly and Ryan, The Chew, and many others? I certainly wondered about that when I first moved here a few weeks ago and now that I know the answer I want to tell you how you can score these awesome tickets, for free.

There is a website called “1iota” where you can find tickets to all the shows I mentioned plus many more. These shows do not sell tickets anywhere else, most - if not all of the audience for those shows get their tickets through this website all for free. You create an account on the website, no strings attached, it is very basic information like your name, age and email, find the show you want to see, select the date for when you wish to go and you will either be approved for the tickets straight away or put onto a waitlist for them. Shows like The View and Live with Kelly and Ryan usually approve you straight away, but shows like Fallon, Meyers, or Colbert are much harder - though not impossible - to get because of how popular they are.

I have gotten tickets to The View and Live with Kelly and Ryan (twice) immediately when I selected the date I wanted to go and it was so much fun. Even if you don’t really watch the shows, it is a very cool experience to see the production behind the scenes for the show, and of course you get to see celebrities. When I went to The View I was 20 feet away from James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal, two people who I have always really liked.

When selecting the tickets you want you can also say how many you would like (1-4). You might not always be approved for all 4, but usually you could manage to get at least 2 so you could bring a friend. When I went to my first show, The View, I had just moved here for the program and I did not know many people. I invited another student in the program who went with me and it was a great way to sort of bond with her in a really cool environment.

If you are an entertainment enthusiast like I am this is a really cool site to get yourself familiar with. It’s a unique way to spend some of your time here in New York, because you might not be able to attend show tapings like this where you are from. And did I mention that this was all free?

Click on the link below for more information about 1iota and how you and your friends can have some fun at a live show taping and other special events!

Link: https://1iota.com

Written by: Madison Buechler

Photos by: Madison Buechler