By Madison Buechler • September 19, 2017

One World Observatory Tour

This past weekend students with the New York Arts Program went on a special One World Trade Center Observatory Tour. The building opened in 2014 at 104 stories tall, equalling 1,776 feet. The enclosed observatory deck opened a year later as a place for visitors to see the best view of the New York skyline that there is. I spoke with one of the students, Alexia Minton, about their experience on the tour and what she thought about it all.

She first admits it was not exactly what she was expecting to see. Stating, "It's all enclosed, which I wasn't expecting and I think a few other people thought it would be open." She spoke about how there were little panels of windows that you could walk around in a circle and see the city.Window Panels There was also a little border of the skyline placed by the windows to keep people from sitting or stepping up on them.


21706845_1878893288794810_363385163_o Photo By: Alexia Minton


While there was no spoken informative tour for the group, there were videos being played in the elevator ride up about the city, how it's growing, and showing the city as it is. "You could tell it was very much tour driven," says Alexia.

When I asked how she liked it, her response was, "I really enjoyed it and I think everyone had a lot of fun and liked it a lot!"

Written by: Madison Buechler

Quotes From: Alexia Minton

Photos by: NYAP Students Alexia Minton, Andrew Willard, & Hannah Pikaart