By nyartsadmin • April 23, 2017

You are Becoming a New Yorker if ...


  • You walk really fast everywhere and also huff and puff when others walk slow especially tourists taking in the sights or people on their phones.
  • You navigate the subway like a pro. This means knowing how to get uptown and downtown and not accidentally finding yourself all the way in Brooklyn.
  • You don’t wait for the walk light to cross the street because New Yorkers always have somewhere to be.
  • You have learned to ignore those that hassle you on the street such as people wanting to ask you questions or those handing out flyers.
  • You avoid empty subway cars especially during rush hour because you know that that can never be a good thing.
  • You know that Manhattan is safe and you feel very comfortable walking everywhere even at night.
  • You get annoyed when there are more than 2 people across walking down the street.
  • You brunch religiously.
  • You almost always J-walk because that’s what New Yorkers do.
  • You try to figure out the best time to go to Trader Joe’s and then realize that there is never a good time.
  • You avoid Time Square like the plague and any other tourist traps.
  • You hate when it snows as this means gross slush that you have to walk through on your daily commute.
  • You have “commuter shoes” because it is unrealistic to walk 20 blocks in high heels.
  • You know how to hail a cab (stepping off the curb with your hand in the air).
  • Your closet is mostly made up of shades of black, as this is the New York City “uniform”.