By nyartsadmin • April 10, 2017

Out & About

wallpaper-boy-walking-in-city.jpgIf there is ever a point in time in which you will have the word "intern" in your job title, you should be very conscious of the fact that you have now become synonyms with errands. Errands are a necessary part of every employment institution and at some point, there will be something that has to get from A to B. I will not sit here and tell you that running different objects and parcels all over town is the most glamorous part of one's day. However, here are a few tidbits that might make bing the office runner a little easier.


Look, the gym is a pain and after a long day at the office, it may be hard to find that motivation to head out and make yourself gross for an hour. Running those errands will get those legs muscles working and that step counter rising like never before.


In all this journeying around town, you are afforded the opportunity to explore new avenues and places you have never been before. Take the time out to spot an interesting eatery or take notes on what types of individuals you are seeing mainly at your destination.

Break Time

Sometimes you just need to get away from the office and head to the bathroom for five to ten minutes just will not cut it where it counts. Errands can take loads more times, in some cases hours. Use that time to destress from all the work you have in the office, and grab a quick snack during your journey.