By Alejandra Bucio • March 16, 2017

A Brooklyn Arts Experience

This past weekend I attended The Gone Bazaar in Brooklyn. When I arrived at the destination I was immediately intrigued. Two large mysterious eyes welcomed me at the entrance, and as I opened the door I was greeted by a man who asked for both my ID and five dollars. After paying him he thanked me for supporting artists and directed me up the stairs towards the music. The first work I saw was Nicole Winkler’s installation. She used various different mediums - including video, paint, and fabric. Each complimented each other, so that the work looked cohesive and balanced. Every part of her work whether it was one of the paintings propped on the side, or the silky white sheets draped across the floor, or the bright images spiraling down from the ceiling spoke for itself, and had its own independent purpose but when viewed together they created a symphony of feeling and color. Next, I did some shopping. I quickly found a table filled with handmade jewelry and accessories. Desiree Fuentes explained how she created her rings using non conventional material such as copper wire and beads. I purchased a couple of her rings and explored other tables that also displayed hand crafted items. At one particular table that displayed hand made greeting cards I was given the opportunity to make my own print for a Valentine’s card which read, “Let’s crush the patriarchy together, this Valentine’s day”. After spending some time browsing around I walked into a room where a band called The Pizza Boys was playing. The room was small and there weren’t too many people but the energy was incredible. And even though the music was loud and strong, the atmosphere was very relaxed and carefree. No one seemed to care about what they looked like or whether their dance moves were cool enough, they just had fun. The lead singer, who by the way wore a bicycle helmet the entire time, and the band gave a fierce performance filled with an energy that vibrated through the entire room. It goes to show that you really don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to enjoy beautiful artwork, talented people, and an incredible show. This was definitely New York night I will remember for years and years to come.

-Alejandra Bucio