By kmb20 • March 15, 2017

Adults Have Snow Days Too


The afternoon view from my window.
Snow days are excuses to not go outside.

As someone from Michigan, snow has always been a part of my life. My senior year of high school we went from December to late March (or early April, I forget which now) without a full week of school due to the large amount of snow days. I had our weather line memorized and on speed dial (the way to call people fast on dumb phones, remember?). Whenever I would call and hear that school was cancelled due to bad weather I would be so excited!

Going to college in Michigan means snow days are still a thing. While our whole campus never closes and there is not a number to call, I still have received early morning emails saying that class is cancelled from professors who have too long of a commute to risk in the terrible storms. Living in “the real adult world” I thought the days of phone numbers to call and snow day emails were a thing of the past, but Winter Storm Stella proved me wrong. The 12 – 20 inches of snow we were expecting to get was all people in the office were talking about (besides work, of course). Everyone was comparing commute times, what the expected delays would be, and if they planned to come in or work from home. I was given a phone number to call that would tell me if the office was closed due to the weather. It was like grade school all over again – the excited buzz and highly anticipated day off.

Unfortunately, when my first alarm went off, I called and the recording said there would be no changes to office hours. I was whisked back to elementary school devastation when I figured someone must not have done a snow dance, flushed an ice cube, put a white crayon on their windowsill, or slept with a spoon under their pillow. Sleepily, I was slightly convinced it was my fault the office was open because I did none of those. I called again after my second and third alarm – still open.

Resigned to having work, I got ready and all bundled up for the cold. As I was ready to leave, I got an email and text from my boss saying no one in our department planned to go in so I could stay home. Snow Days in adult life do exist!

Also, NY names their winter storms? What? Pretty sure we’d have gone through the whole baby names book if we named every bad snow storm in the Midwest.