By nyartsadmin • March 2, 2017

New Experiences

NYCpart2-2.jpgI have been thinking a lot about my experience here in the Big Apple, and it made me think of the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”

This has been true of my experience so far here in New York City. It is exciting and lively and it has stretched me beyond what I already know. The food here is unreal and it has caused me to try things I never would have ordered back home. In my internship I have been pushed to do tasks that I thought would be impossible, but rather than shying away from it I have jumped right in!

Just the other day I was working at Coterie, a wholesale convention for international buyers, where I was dressing models and working the front desk. However, because Elie Tahari got insanely busy I was told to meet with one of the clients. I had never worked wholesale before (and I am not a salesperson by nature at all!) but I jumped right in and it ended up going so well. Sometimes all you have to do is jump in with two feet and great things can happen.

I have also learned independence on a deeper level here. Being dependent on really only myself has been an experience in itself. Everything about living here has forced me out of my comfort zone, which right now feels like a great place to be! Being here is a reminder for me that I want to continue to always push myself and not get comfortable with being comfortable. It feels good to stretch myself because it allows me to really live.