By nyartsadmin • February 23, 2017

Big Opportunity


Opportunity is a word that was often thrown around in my initial discussions with others about partaking in the New York Arts Program. It is true that being a part of this program has allowed for me to gain first hand experience working in a field and office space that I most likely could not have attained entry to on my own. I have received an up close look as to what the prospective daily functions of life as a worker in this profession would potentially be like. Yet, there is another form of opportunity to consider when taking part in a program such as this.

The ability to live as an independent individual in a big city is one that should not be understated. To exist on ones own, outside of the confines of parental watch and education institutions is quite an eye opening experience. Feeding oneself, learning how to navigate around the city and finding entertaining events during one’s free time are all decisions that can help reveal just what kind of individual you are. It is a journey of self-discovery that can be invigorating at times and arduous at others. Yet each of these moments and choices that you make will be worthwhile, because they were those of your own making. By undertaking this exploration into world, one can discover just how resourceful, adventurous and prepared they are when it comes to being faced with the unknown and gain all the more for it.